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Team Indus is a deep technology company, engineering path-breaking solutions that take on critical challenges for humanity. We believe that tomorrow’s solutions will come when we break away from the dogmas of the past, collaborate by questioning what is and merge the old with the new in inspiring ways.

Imagine the brightest and youngest scientific minds. Imagine their passion infused with the knowledge of those who have been there and done that. Imagine if we untethered them to co-create, collaborate and come together. Imagine what they could achieve.

There are momentous questions that keep us awake at night — can space be made accessible to everyone? Can space be harnessed for the benefit of all of humankind? Can the world come together for a mission to space? We believe the answers to these questions lie in our four core beliefs.

Pure Unadulterated Science

We love engineering and all that it represents. The fundamentals of science are guiding us all the way.

Space Demystified

We have seen the power of collaboration and open source. There is no going back.

Transcending Traditions

We see opportunities wherever there are limits. Conventions are meant to be broken.


We believe that plenty more ground-breaking technology is on its way to emerge out of India. Without doubt.

We realise that our approach must be applied to many of the world’s problems. Because at TeamIndus, we believe that the further we go the more we inspire change.


We will keep you posted on all things important and exciting. Needless to say, we won't spam you.